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Graston Instruments used in Chiropractic Care

Graston Instruments As a Holistic Chiropractor there are various instruments and tools that I use. Some of the tools I utilize are called the Graston Instruments. These tools are used to break up scar tissue and adhesion’s in the soft tissue around the injury; that would be the tendons, ligaments, and joint capsules.   Soft […]

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Chiropractic Tools: Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS)

The Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) is one of the instruments I use to increase circulation, reduce pain, and break up muscular scar tissue. I usually use a fluffy towel between you and the DMS because it is a strong and effective instrument. Utilizing this tool helps release muscle spasms, increase blood and lymphatic flow, and […]

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Chiropractic Tools: Kinesiology Tape

One of the tools I use as a Chiropractor is Kinesiology Tape. Taping is a great tool for sports injuries, because it helps support the area without restricting your movement. Kinesiology Tape is lightweight and comfortable to wear, usually lasting 3-5 days, aiding in relieving pressure. Wrapping an injured area helps circulation to the joints, […]

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