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I believe that your emotions affect your health. I try to teach people to be observers of their thoughts and emotions. As human beings we tend to focus on the negative- as our default. The more you focus on the things you do want, the less you focus on what you don’t want, and as a result, what you focus on will expand. Learning about your self, by being aware of your thoughts and emotions, is a journey. It’s a complicated life, but it’s a fun life.

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Head Shot of Dr. Jim Neilson

Before becoming a Chiropractor I used to travel as a musician. I kept getting bronchitis from playing in bars. I realized that every time I went to see the doctor they gave me antibiotics and cough syrup, but the bronchitis kept coming back.

One day, I visited a chiropractor and in the shop next door to him was an herbalist. Until then, I had never realized that what you ate and what you thought had such an affect on your health.

In 1991 I received my license for Massage Therapy and in 1993 I graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon. I have now held my practice in Bend since 1994.

At Balance Chiropractic PC I provide a personal approach to treating and coaching my patients. I seek to educate and inspire my patients to choose better health through better living.


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