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A bit of my background

I believe that your emotions affect your health. I try to teach people to be observers of their thoughts and emotions. As human beings we tend to focus on the negative- as our default. The more you focus on the things you do want, the less you focus on what you don’t want, and as […]

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Should children see a chiropractor?

Similar to requiring regular dental check-ups, children require regular spinal check-ups as well, to insure the development of healthy spines. Many significant spinal problems can have their origin in the accidents of a normal, active childhood and even in the process of childbirth itself. There have been a number of studies linking a healthy spine […]

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Neurokinetic Therapy NKT

Hey everybody!  I am studying a new kinesiology based technique known as NKT, Neuro Kinetic Therapy.  NKT is the work of David Weinstock.  Here is a video for you to check out! I am extremely excited with the results I am getting using the NKT approach.  Ask me about NKT on your next visit.   […]

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