Testimonial by Alissa

Hello Everyone! Today I wanted to do something a little different by sharing with you one of my client testimonials. Alissa visited my office for the first time today with complaint of acute knee pain from dancing and playing basketball. Here, Alissa shares her experience of being a first time patient in my office, and tells how it benefited her knees.

“Today was my first time visiting Dr. Jim’s office. I have experienced a lot of strain, especially on my right knee while dancing and playing basketball. After Dr. Jim worked on it, I was amazed at the instant difference I was already feeling. I have never felt it this way before; it actually feels great! There is no pain-just kind of a nice tingle feeling, what a relief! I have already definitely seen improvements in the way I walk.” -Alissa, First Time Patient

Thanks for taking the time to watch this video today!

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  1. Stephanie Costello says:

    I am having pain around my ankle. I have full use of my foot; I think it is ligaments.
    Would NKT help with this? Thanks.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      I believe that it could, but I would like to see you in person before saying that it will absolutely fix it. There are lots of things that can cause pain and it could be something else that is causing the pain and you are just feeling it in the ligaments. Please call the office to talk to me about it and see if an appointment for NKT would be beneficial.

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