A Letter To Dr. Neilson

10+ YEARS of PAIN!!!

I have had several issues resulting in pain.

I have a mild curvature in my spine.
I have had both hips replaced because of wear and tear osteoarthritis.

I am active every day, running a business of my own. I have an extensive garden.

More than a decade ago, I began experiencing, intermittently, severe pain in my left buttock. Often this occurred at night a couple of hours after I went to sleep. I would get up, apply hot and or cold packs, do stretching exercises and just sit and tough it out, often in tears. The pain would last perhaps 2 hours and then go away. Nothing reliably relieved the pain. I did not know what caused the pain. I became increasingly concerned about my lack of sleep and went to several MD’s and others to find some relief.

I was advised to get a new bed. I did that.
I was advised to get chiropractic help. I did that.
I was advised to try massage, acupuncture and physical therapy. I did those things.
I was given medication. I did not want to take medications and did not do that.

Massage was the one thing that helped although it was a temporary relief.

I read about NST and found that Dr. Jim Neilson is a NST practitioner here in Bend.

I have had 6 NST treatments, the first get acquainted visit  was longer than the others and the subsequent visits were 15 minutes in length. The treatments are extremely gentle. Dr. Neilson is attentive, informative and patient.

I had a brief bout of the familiar pain a few days after the first visit. I reported this to Dr. Neilson

Since that one short incident, I have not experienced the pain in my left buttock at all.

I am more than relieved. And I am so grateful. The pain I was experiencing was diminishing my life causing me to be cranky, tired and unhappy. I am gradually building confidence that that pain is gone for good. I am amazed and, again, thankful. I am sleeping soundly and pain free.

I do not understand how NST works. I accept that it works for me.

Sincerely, Gail Hall

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