You have totally changed my perception of what chiropractic is....or can be!

I am completely different from just one month ago. No mid back pain, no hip pain. I can lie down in comfort

My shoulder is the best it has been in YEARS...You are a miracle worker!

Without your treatments I would not have done so well at the Oregon Regional Yoga Competition & I would not be competing again at the World Championships next week! Thanks!

Due to your adjustments I have not needed my allergy med.  Even in this allergy season.  This is highly amazing for me.

After four to five years of progressively worsening knee pain-just 2 visits and my knee has been great! It's been over a year now!  Amazing.

Amazing, I have had no dizzy spells since I last saw you.

After my adjustment, I slept so deep, best I've slept in 20 years.

Jim has treated both my wife and myself on several occasions, he's truly an excellent practitioner. However, what really sets him apart from other practitioners I have experienced, is that he is quick to spot problems that may be better treated though more conventional methods, and will tell you so. Unlike some who would rather milk you than recommend alternative treatment.

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He works with you!! No two adjustments are ever the same, our bodys are always changing and Jim acknowledges that we greatest of care. I find that to be the BEST. He listens to you and is up to any challenge.

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