Chiropractic Tools: Kinesiology Tape

One of the tools I use as a Chiropractor is Kinesiology Tape. Taping is a great tool for sports injuries, because it helps support the area without restricting your movement. Kinesiology Tape is lightweight and comfortable to wear, usually lasting 3-5 days, aiding in relieving pressure.

Wrapping an injured area helps circulation to the joints, muscles, and tendons while also helping with emphatic drainage. Kinesiology Tape allows you to feel better and heal quicker while preventing hundreds of common injuries such as shin splints, tennis elbow, and knee pain.

Kinesiology Tape is durable and has uni-directional elasticity, meaning that it will stretch in length, but not in width, offering support without restricting motion. This external layer around the joint helps prevent injuries and assists the patient in recovering faster.


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