Reaching your exercise goals

Exercising is so important to have on a daily basis, because it gives you energy, reduces the risk of certain diseases- such as cardiovascular disease and hypertension, allows you to loose excess weight, and makes you feel better overall.

By writing down smaller, more attainable goals and setting a time frame as to when you want to achieve these goals, will help you stay consistent with your healthy lifestyle.

Photo of people walking on Lava

Walking on the lava flows in Central Oregon.

Simple choices such as parking farther away from the store or using the stairs are daily decisions you can make while you are out and about running errands. Then, by adding a half hour of dedicated and focused workout time each day, you can get into the routine of having exercise be an important part of your life.

Instead of watching TV, go for a walk. Including family, friends, or a pet can help this time of exercising be more memorable and enjoyable. Gradually build up to an hour each day. You can vary the activities you do throughout the week. Maybe attend a class, or do a workout DVD at home, go for a swim, or dance. Anything that gets you moving is benefiting you and your body. By making daily decisions to live well, each step will bring you closer to healthy living.


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