Chiropractor in Bend

A great deal has been said and written about Holistic Healing, even to the point of debating if it should be spelled “Holistic” or “Wholistic”.  The important part is, does the Doctor treat the patient as a whole, integrated being or as a gall bladder or a kidney, for example.

Function in the body is interrelated with one function being dependent on another.  In order to effectively diagnose and treat individuals, we must be willing to look past the symptom pattern to uncover the cause.

A number of approaches can be used to accomplish that.  One of the main techniques that can be used is called Applied Kinesiology, which utilizes muscle testing to analyze body function.  Using this technique, one can locate structural imbalance as well as metabolic imbalance and nutritional needs. Call to schedule an appointment, (541) 383-5156 or Contact Us here.

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