Chiropractic Care Bend Oregon

Chiropractic has been one of the healing arts since 1895.  The main tenet of chiropractic is that a misaligned or subluxated vertebra can put pressure on an adjacent nerve root and thereby created dis-ease in the body and loss of homeostasis with resulting ill health or disease.  By correcting or re-aligning the vertebra, heath and homeostasis can be returned to the body.

As a chiropractor, I do follow those guidelines and examine the spine and structural system to locate any misalignment patterns in the body.  I do not limit my exam to just the spine, but look for any distortion patterns throughout the body.  When those are located, I use an appropriate procedure to re-align those misaligned structural parts, regardless if it is vertebra or extremity.

If you have pain or discomfort, call our Bend, OR office to schedule an appointment.  (541)-383-5156

We are unique individuals and the same technique can not always be applied to everyone.  As a result, I try to determine the best approach for each individual and make the correction based on that observation.

With some patients, that may mean the manipulation is done by hand and with others it may have to be a more gentle non-force approach.  Call to schedule an appointment, (541) 383-5156 or Contact Us here.

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