Holistic Chiropractor in Bend

Dr. Neilson is a premier Bend Oregon Chiropractor, known for his personal approach to treating and coaching his patients. His focus is on helping you learn to interrupt the emotional patterns that you have developed over the years and have manifested in our muscles, creating rigidities tightness and imbalances in your body. Letting go of these allows you to become more resilient, and true health occurs.

At Balance Chiropractic PC, we seek to educate and inspire our patients to choose better health through better living. Call to schedule an appointment, (541) 383-5156 or Contact Us here.


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  1. Fran Greenlee says:


    My experience with Dr. Jim Neilson has been nothing but relief.

    After many years of on-going, nagging left hip problems, and regular chiropractic treatments with other doctors — a few visits with Dr. Neilson has resolved that problem.
    It has been over a year, since my last treatment.
    And if it surfaces again, I will not hesitate to return to see him.

    I highly recommend him and his extra-ordinary painless treatment regimen.


  2. Dr. Jim says:

    Note to all: Neuro-Kinetic Therapy is an excellent way to quickly
    evaluate and treat hip pain!

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