Preventive care: Knees

A common area that people experience pain or injury is in their knees. Taking good care of your knees now should be a high priority-reducing torque and impact, so that you won’t have to deal with greater consequences later, after they have withstood years of abuse.

Here are a few tips on protecting your knees during physical activity from

-Avoid a heel strike: Don’t over-stride and let your feet get ahead of you. Always make it a point to stay ahead of your feet and let your legs swing to the rear, not forward.

-Don’t pick up your knees when you run: Keep your knees swinging low. At the back end of each stride, bend your knees and let your heels float up behind you. You should always be thinking, “Knees down, heels up.”

-Lean forward from your ankles and land on your midfoot: Remember, anytime your foot comes down in front of your body, you’re putting the brakes and the shock of that deceleration is going straight into your knees.

-Keep your knees soft and bent: during the landing and support phases of your stride. Many runners over-stride and then straighten their knees when they land. This creates an incredible amount of impact to the heel and the knee.

-Keep your feet pointed in the direction you are running: If your feet splay out to the side as you run, it could create knee pain while running any distance because you’re torquing your knee with every foot strike.

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