Using Applied Kinesiology

At Balance Chiropractic PC, we provide treatment, coaching support, and high quality organic whole-food supplementation for the whole family. Each individual who visits my office is unique, meaning that the same technique cannot always be applied to everyone. As a result, I try to determine the best approach for each individual and make the correction based on that observation.

Function in the body is interrelated with one function being dependent on another. In order to effectively diagnose and treat individuals, we must be willing to look past the symptom pattern to uncover the cause. We at Balance Chiropractic PC use a number of different approaches in order to accomplish this.

One of the main techniques that can be used is called Applied Kinesiology; this utilizes muscle testing to analyze body function. Using Applied Kinesiology I can locate structural imbalance, as well as metabolic imbalance and nutritional needs to help you find your path to happy, healthy living.


Jim Neilson DC

Balance Chiropractic PC


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  1. Great to see your site! Love what you are doing with patients and their families!

    Keep up the great work.
    Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn D.C, PhD.

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